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We provide our services with the latest equipment and software

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Sign of Style  guarantee quality services with very competitive prices

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Sign of Style guarantee your satisfaction to give you a piece of mind

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We are flexible on order quantity based on your needs and budgets

About Sign of Style

Sign of Style is specialised in commercial sign, print, web design and photography. Whether you are a small retailer or a large company we will help you step by step through your needs to enhance your company. We offer our services from concept to completion. Sign of Style fulfills your needs and demands by offering services after sale. Sign of Style Company is based in north west of London, just five minutes away from Wembley Stadium.

Sign of Style Services

Print Services

Signs Services


Sign of Style Photography Services

We provide photography services for all your business and individual. Our team of photographers are years experienced working closely with TV-Channels. Business ranging from Products and services, website images, meetings, exhibitions, youtube and facebook clips…. Individual ranging from weddings, religious ceremonies and parties to portraits….  No job is considered small and we complete all of our work with 100% expertise and effort. Read more…

Web Design

Sign of Style Web Design Services

We walk you through the systems successful business. We help that the traffic come to your website made up of people who are looking for your products or services.
We will:
-Review and refurbish your branding
– Creating your new website
– Setting up of smart email marketing system
– Social media, blogs, and monthly articles
– Ongoing reporting, testing, and monitoring. Read more…

Terms and Conditions

The standard Terms and Conditions of trading of Sign of Style shall apply to any contract made between Sign of Style and its Clients and only be varied if mutually agreed in writing. Sign of Style is right to changes or amends the content of their Terms & Condition at any time. These conditions and all other express terms of the contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England or sub-licence (where applicable) to use the material printed by Sign of Style for the purpose of the description provided by Sign of Style in its estimate and not to copy, have copied amend or alter the material without the prior written agreement of Sign of Style. Read more…

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